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Welcome to Saltwaterflies.com's Bookshop! On this page we proudly feature a variety of fine titles to inform, instruct, and entertain you. The titles shown below are our "staff picks" - books and DVDs that can help you improve your angling skills, and bring you greater enjoyment both on and off the water. We offer books on fly tying, knot tying, and both general and specific titles about a variety of fish species and angling techniques. Wherever possible, we have included a jacket photo of the current edition, as well as a list of contents, and sometimes a short review.
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"When winter winds howl outside, there's nothing that soothes the soul and enriches the mind
like sitting back and relaxing with a good book."

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Saltwater Fly Fishing Books:

Bonefish Fly Patterns - Dick Brown
Casting With Lefty Kreh - Lefty Kreh & Jay Nichols
Fishing Knots (W/instructional DVD) - Lefty Kreh
Fly Fishing For Bonefish - Dick Brown
High Rollers - Fly Fishing for Giant Tarpon - Bill Bishop
Sight Fishing for Striped Bass - Alan Caolo

Saltwater Fly Fishing DVDs:

DVD - Bob Clouser & Lefty Kreh - 50 Years Behind the Vise
DVD - Lefty Kreh and Bob Clouser - Tying Flies that Catch Fish
DVD - Tarpon

Bonefish Fly Patterns

by Dick Brown

Tying, Selecting, and Fishing all the Best Bonefish Flies from Today's Best Tiers

Bonefish Fly Patterns (Dick Brown) $49.95 Temporarily out of stock

Now Back In Print! We have been waiting for the book to come back in print for several years now, and it is finally here. Dick Brown is one of the sources that we always turn to when we're thinking about flies for bonefish. Dick Brown has spent a huge number of days on the water bonefishing, and the fact that he is willing to share what he has learned about bonefish and bonefish flies in an excellent book is a a testament to his fine character - Brown's books speak to his skills as an angler, and this newly revised and updated edition contains nearly 200 of the world's best bonefish flies.
- Chris Windram

Contents include:

1. Fly Characteristics: What makes a good bonefish fly good?
2. Profiles of 197 Flies: Recipies, tying notes, prey suggested, destinations fished, presentation advice
3. Selecting Bonefish Flies: For major locations and prey, and for different depths, light levels, and wind conditions
4. Tying Sequences: Mastering these step-by-step instructions will teach you to tie most bonefish flies
5. Design Alternatives and Trends: New directions in materials and designs
6. Fly Materials: A glossary of the essential bonefish fly-tying materials
7. Sources: Where to find flies, custom tiers, and materials

Casting With Lefty Kreh

by Lefty Kreh, photos by Jay Nichols

Click for larger view

Another brilliant offering from Stackpole Books is the 2008 publication of Casting With Lefty Kreh. The world's finest casting instructor, Lefty Kreh has authored many books on fly casting before, but never one like this! This comprehensive book features over 1200 color photographs fully illustrating the principles of fly casting. Sections include tutorials on specific casts including roll-casts, hauling, casting in windy conditions, dealing with weighted flies and lines, and so much more! From the basics of holding the rod properly, to the most advanced special situations and "trick" casts, this book covers it all in a way that has not been done before, and is sure to become the definitive edition for fly casters of all levels. A real bonus that we especially enjoyed was the section illustrating proper casting form to prevent shoulder injury. My own casting improved just by reading this book! - Chris Windram

Casting with Lefty Kreh $59.95 Add to Cart

Fishing Knots (W/instructional DVD)

by Lefty Kreh

This is an excellent updated book on fishing knots and knot tying by the master of the subject - Lefty Kreh. Spiralbound edition lays flat for ease of use, and includes an instructional DVD that features demonstrations of the knots shown in the book - you can't beat that! With a focus on knots for fly fishing and light tackle, this book includes all the knots you'll need to rig by the strongest and most modern methods, including knots for use in the new high-tech braided lines. This book also shows how to rig the entire fly line system including braided loops. The finest guide yet in our opinion, demonstrating the best knots for fly and light tackle fishermen.

Hardcover (W/instructional DVD)
Fishing Knots (Lefty Kreh) $24.95 Temporarily out of stock

Contents include:

1. Basic Knots
2. Connecting Lines
3. Knots
4. Lines and Leaders
5. Wire Knots
6. Finishing
7. Loops
8. Attaching Hooks, Swivels, and Flies

Fishing Knots (Lefty Kreh) $24.95 Add to Cart

Fly Fishing For Bonefish

by Dick Brown

Fly Fishing For Bonefish by Dick Brown

This is one of our favorite titles on bonefish...Dick Brown has written a very straightforward, practical, and entertaining book. With chapters on finding fish, choosing and presenting flies, destinations, and more. Dick Brown has spent thousands of hours pursuing the elusive Gray Ghost of the flats, and it shows. In this book he generously shares his vast knowlege of bonefish with us.
This is a newly revised 2008 edition with many updates on scores of new developments including: new bonefish research, new feeding behavior data, prey preferences discovered, newly created fly patterns, recent destination changes, better fish spotting techniques, info on new equipment available, and much, much more. Dick covers today’s most difficult flats challenges with advice on how to sight fish with cloud cover, cast in wind, know when to strike, see fish better, and wade more effectively. The equipment section is all new and the fly pattern sections were expanded to include today’s hottest flats flies. The book features color photographs throughout.
Praise for the first edition:
"A classic - Dick Brown tells virtually everything a fly fisher needs to know about the sport ... a superb book."
-John Randolph, Fly Fisherman Magazine
"It is hard to imagine a more thorough treatise."
-Salt Water Sportsman
"If you are into bonefishing, or thinking about it, I recommend reading both Brown and Kaufmann. If you have time or inclination for only one, then read Brown."
-Bob Berls, The Anglers Club of New York Bulletin

Fly Fishing for Bonefish (Dick Brown) $39.95
Add to Cart

Contents include:

1. Fly Fishing for Bonefish: The Ultimate Challenge in Angling
2. Understanding the Bonefish
3. What Bonefish Eat
4. Reading Bonefish Water
5. Finding and Seeing Bonefish
6. Selecting Bonefish Flies
7. Casting to Bonefish
8. Hooking, Playing and Releasing
9. Wading for Bonefish
10. Fly Fishing Equipment
11. Personal Gear, Clothing, and Other Tackle
12. Tying Bonefish Flies
13. Bonefishing Destinations
14. Advice From Some Veterans of the Flats

Price: $39.95 Add to Cart

High Rollers - Fly Fishing for Giant Tarpon

by Bill Bishop

High Rollers by Bill Bishop

One of our favorite books on fly fishing for tarpon, this book features instructions for the most effective traditional and modern techniques for catching giant tarpon on the fly. Noted tarpon angler Sandy Moret says: "This book should go right to the top of the must-read list for both newcomer and veteran tarpon fly anglers. When a master of the sport like Bill (Bishop) shares his techniques with details and humor, I want to read it". We coudn't agree more. If you crave all the right information to tackle giant tarpon on the fly, then let us say that Headwater Books has produced a very handsome, enjoyable, and readable book here, with all the neccessary elements for success distilled into this excellent volume, and we whole-heartedly recommend it. - Chris Windram
Click the photo above to view a larger photo of the front cover - click Here to view the back cover photo.

Contents include:

Chapter 1. Battle!
Chapter 2. Biology and Behavior
Chapter 3. Leaders and Connections
Chapter 4. Flies
Chapter 5. Skiffs
Chapter 6. Running the Boat
Chapter 7. The Hunt
Chapter 8. Body Language
Chapter 9. Staying in the Game
Chapter 10. Casting
Chapter 11. Feeding Fish
Chapter 12. Hook-Sets
Chapter 13. Fighting Fish
Chapter 14. Safe Landings
Chapter 15. Reflections

High Rollers - Fly Fishing for Giant Tarpon (Bill Bishop) $29.95 Temporarily out of stock

Sight Fishing For Striped Bass

by Alan Caolo

Sight Fishing for Striped Bass by Alan Caolo

If you crave the thrill of sight fishing for striped bass, then Alan Caolo's book is just the ticket to hours of heart-pounding excitement. Alan probably spends more hours sight fishing for striped bass than any other angler we know about, and in this excellent book he lays out all of the tips and techniques needed to be successful at this exciting game. Chapters on spotting the fish, stalking fish by wading and by boat, fly patterns for sight fishing, a guide to striped bass prey, and so much more. Tons of full color photographs enhance this fine guide to some of the finest sport going!

Sight Fishing For Striped Bass (Alan Caolo) $25.00 Add to Cart

Contents include:
1. Sight Fishing Waters
2. Striped Bass Behavior...
3. Naturals
4. Fly Patterns for Sight Fishing
5. Spotting the Fish
6. Presentation and Retrieve
7. Angling Strategies
8. Tackle and Equipment
9. Sight Fishing Destinations

Price: $25.00 Add to Cart


The Fly Tying Techniques of
Bob Clouser and Lefty Kreh -
50 Years Behind the Vise

Bob Clouser and Lefty Kreh

Two of the most important patterns ever developed for saltwater fly fishing are the Clouser Minnow and the Lefty's Deceiver - this DVD brings you the two gentlemen responsible for these legendary flies. Clouser and Kreh speak from a lifetime of saltwater fly fishing experience, and in this DVD bring you many of the techniques, tricks, and short cuts that they have gleaned over the years. Learn about choosing materials, handling tying tools, weighting flies, cutting and shaping, and more. This classic instructional is a full 90 minutes long, with specific sequences on tying the Lefty's Deceiver and the Clouser Minnow. Entertaining as well as informative, don't miss this unique opportunity to learn many of the "tricks of the trade", as well as a couple of classic flies and additional tying techniques from two of the finest fly designers ever!

50 Years Behind the Vise with Bob Clouser and Lefty Kreh

$29.95 Add to Cart

Lefty Kreh and Bob Clouser
Tying Flies that Catch Fish

Lefty Kreh and Bob Clouser - Tying Flies That Catch Fish

When asked which were their favorite flies, Bob Clouser and Lefty Kreh responded as follows: "The ones that catch fish!" Now these two fly fishing gurus bring us the most important patterns ever that catch fish for saltwater flyrodders - the Clouser Minnow and the Lefty's Deceiver. These two patterns have become the prototypes for a variety of effective patterns that are used for saltwater gamefish the world over. The focus in the DVD is clearly on saltwater, but these flies are just as effective for big-game freshwater species like Pike, Bass, Peacocks, and more. If you really want to know the "secrets" of tying critical patterns like the Deceiver and Clouser Minnow, then you will enjoy learning them from this excellent DVD. Click the photo shown above for a larger version of the DVD cover, or click here to view the back of the DVD cover.

Tying Flies That Catch Fish with Lefty Kreh and Bob Clouser

$29.99 Add to Cart


Tarpon - click for larger view

Tarpon is a long-awaited release on DVD...this film was shot during the heyday of Keys Tarpon fishing in the 1970's, but never officially released - it circulated on "bootleg" copies for years! Take a step back in time to days when the fish and the Keys themselves were wilder than they are now, and enjoy a view into a bygone era of angling in the Key West. Featuring "beat poets" and authors from the 1960's, including Richard Brautigan (of "Trout Fishing In America" fame), Jim Harrison, and Thomas McGuane. With original music written and performed by Jimmy Buffett...running time 53 minutes. Click the following link for the back cover photo.


$35.00 Add to Cart

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