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Photo: Chris Windram

"Jon Benstead with a New England flyrod Bluefin Tuna. Estimated at close to 70 pounds, this magnificent fish was released very much alive immediately after this photo was taken"

2003 - 2005 were good years for lots of anglers chasing False Albacore, Atlantic Bonito, and Bluefin Tuna in New England...2005 will probably go down as the "Year of the Bluefin" for plenty of New England salty flyrodders. Here are some of our favorite "tuna" photos from the past three years...all photos by Chris Windram except where noted.

Click on an image to see it full-size.

Scott & Blue
Scott Patterson battling an albie in the pouring rain while Blue looks on.

Shore Albacore!
The effervescent Heidi Wilcox with her very first False Albacore (Harkers Island). Photo: Jon Benstead

Tuna Doctor
Jon Benstead about to meet his very first shore flyrod False Albacore.

Face to face!
This albie is ready for a live release.

Albie Closeup
Another closeup of a New England shore 'Albacore.

Bluefin, baby!
Capt. Jim Ellis boats a baby bluefin tuna for Dave Skok. Note the New England shoreline in the background.

Bluefin nearly at boatside
An epic day of fog, wind, rain, and bluefin tuna on Nat Moody's boat (thanks to First Light Anglers for the great day!).

Watch your step
Scott Patterson gets ready to step off the jetty to land the fish.

Masters of Angling
Tough guy Dave Skok slugs it out with one more shore 'core.

Success reigns over miserable failure at last.

Face to face!
Closeup: wing-like pectoral fins allow False Albacore to fly through the water.

At The Jetty
Let somebody else catch a few already...

Hot Tuna!
Closeup of a juvenile Bluefin Tuna.

El Pescado de Sueño
An exhausted and ecstatic ecologist gets his wish and boats a dream fish.

Jennifer Windram glows with the thrill of her first false albacore.

Perry keeps his cool
Perry Ambulos puts an albie on the rocks.

Portrait of an albie
Portrait of a False Albacore. Photo: J. Benstead.

Atlantic Bonito
The elusive Atlantic Bonito, a prize catch for any shore angler.

Blake Davis
Saltwaterflies.com fly tier Blake Davis (on the right) with his first ever flyrod false albacore. Photo: J. Benstead.

Masters of Angling
Dave Skok prepares to release this baby bluefin.

El Sueño Pescado
Silversides and Peanut Bunker - two favored prey items of New England Tuna species. Photo: Dr. Jon Benstead.

A Very Happy Angler
Chris Windram and Capt. Jim Ellis have a lot to smile about with this beautiful
Bluefin Tuna taken on Jim Ellis' boat. Photo: Dave Skok.

Saltwaterflies.com would like to offer a very sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to this page.

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