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Saltwater Fly Tying Materials On Sale!

On this page we are featuring items that are overstocked, on sale, or being closed out. We need to reduce inventory on these items - you get some great tying materials at huge savings!

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Grade #2 bucktails: We sort all of our bucktails for quality - 
for one reason or another,these didn't make the grade. Sometimes it's short hair, 
bent tips, hollow butts, or whatever. Still plenty useful for making popper tails, 
squid flies, small flies (small Clousers, etc), bonefish flies, and more. 
Limited supply in stock...Save $$! - $2.39/ea. Please note: for the 
Grade #2 bucktails: we cannot guarantee that we will have these available - they
are available sporadically, as we sort them out from the #1's. If you absolutely need to get 
a particular color you want for your tying, you may wish to add a note in the 
"Special Instructions" box when you reach the "Checkout" screen for your order - something like: 
"Please substitute #1 if #2 is not available" will insure that you receive the color 
you want (provided you are willing to pay for a #1 if #2 is not available)

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Note: Sorry, no shipment of this item to Italy - this falls under
the heading of "Treated Skins and Furs" which are prohibited 
from import by Italian customs - please see: 
for more info.

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