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Beastmaster General Slider Fly

Beastmaster General White

BeastMaster General

The Beastmaster General is a classic big slider fly. A fantastic searching pattern for striped bass fishing day or night - we absolutely love this style of fly for fishing beaches in rocky areas, as well as over deeper structure breaks that are likely to hold good-size striped bass. Can serve as a good mullet fly for big redfish, and in freshwater for Northern Pike too! Generally referred to as a "snake" fly, this fly is tied with saddle hackle, ostrich herl, and marabou - these feathers create an irresistible pulsating action in the water that fish just can't resist. Spun deer-hair head keeps the fly fishing near the surface and "pushes water" to help fish locate the fly. Our version of this pattern is inspired by the late Jack Gartside - the originator of this excellent design - see below for a link to Jack's site.

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Beastmaster General Black

The Beastmaster General is our version of a Jack Gartside design tied by Justin Pribanic on the high quality Mustad S71 series hooks in #2/0. This fly is approximately 7 inches (18 cm) in length. View a tying tutorial for this fly by clicking this link for Jack Gartside's website.

Photo: Chris Windram

Storm over Stonewall Beach - Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

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