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Welcome to our fly shop. The following products have been chosen by us as representing an excellent value in terms of usefulness, quality, and price. You have seen these products in the pages of saltwaterflies.com, and we have used all of these products effectively for a number of years. We are available to answer any questions that you may have about the items found on this page.

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Cortland Fly Lines
Backing / Running Lines
Varivas Fluorocarbon Tippet Material & Leaders
Maxima Leader & Tippet Material
Umpqua Fluorocarbon Leaders
Hi-Seas Fluorocarbon and Grand Slam Leader Material
Rio Bonefish and Saltwater Shock Leaders
Climax Knotless Tapered Leaders
Climax Fluorocarbon Shock/Bite Tippet
Tyger Leader Braided Wire
Line Clippers

Tiemco Hook Hone
Dr. Slick Diamond Hook File
Tie-Fast Knot Tyer
Line/Leader care
Stripee - Line stripping guard
Fly Boxes
Ziplock Bags / Fly Sleeves
Measure your catch
Saltwaterflies.com T-shirts

Cortland Classic 444 Floating Flyline (90 Ft / 27 Meters):

Cortland's Classic 444 floating flyline is quite possibly the most popular floating flyline in the world. This is an easy-handling and easy-casting traditional style weight forward flyline with great performance on the water, and excellent value. We have used this line for years for everything from trout to bonefish, and we continue to use this line today for so many general saltwater situations that call for a floating line. In the classic "Peach" color, this line is easy to see, without being highly visible to the fish like many fluorescent colored lines. Now with a fused loop on the leader end of the line, and included flyline cleaner.

Cortland Classic 444 Weight Forward Floating Flylines: $59.00
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WF-7-F Add to Cart
WF-8-F Add to Cart
WF-9-F Add to Cart

Cortland Micronite Backing / Running Line

Cortland's Micronite running lines have become our favorite backing lines for saltwater fly fishing. These Micro Diameter "Super Braids" are stronger than more traditional backings, while the thinner diameter allows for greater yardage on the spool. The Micronite is white in color. Super-braids like these do not deteriorate over time or with exposure to the elements, and are more abrasion resistant than dacron lines - when it comes to the fastest, most powerful gamefish, don't take chances on anything less. These are the Spectra fiber "gel-spun" styles of backing popular among many top saltwater fly anglers. Please note that the photo shows a spool of 30# test, but our Micronite is 20 pound test, 300 yard spools.

Cortland Micronite Backing 20# White 300 yards $32.95
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Varivas Super Tippet Fluorocarbon

Varivas Super Tippet Fluorocarbon material is in our opinion the finest fluorocarbon material available for making fluorocarbon leaders and tippets for saltwater fly fishing. Astonishingly flexible, and extremely strong with a smaller diameter compared to other leading fluorocarbon brands. Saltwaterflies.com's team of anglers has used the Varivas Super Tippet Leader materials for nearly 12 years now, and we have enjoyed excellent success rates in fooling, hooking, and landing tough fish. Varivas Super Leader material is easy to tie with, and has excellent knot strength - try it - we think you'll agree that Varivas Super Leader is simply the best.

The new "Master Spec" Super Tippet fluorocarbon material features a unique "non-stress coating" for unrivalled abrasion resistance, which helps it to stand up to line-tearing fish teeth, rocks and coral, and other hazards found in so many saltwater fishing locations. With a special emphasis on balancing overall strength and diameter, ease of knot tying, and wet knot strength, Varivas Super Leader Fluorocarbon is the best choice for so many saltwater fishing situations.

Varivas Master Spec Super Tippet Fluorocarbon material (25 Meters/spool) $12.95 ea:
9.2# Add to Cart
11.2# Add to Cart
13.2# Add to Cart
16# Temporarily out of stock

Varivas Tapered Leaders $3.99 ea: (Not fluorocarbon) The Varivas "Salmon/Light Saltwater" leaders are tough, clear leaders with a "Heavy Duty Power Butt". We really like this style for our flats fishing, especially as this style offers a longer 15' version which is necessary for some bonefish and permit fishing.

Varivas Salt/Salmon Tapered Leaders (Clear):
10' 12# Add to Cart
10' 16# Add to Cart

15' 12# Add to Cart
15' 8# Add to Cart

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Maxima Clear and Ultragreen Leader materials: Old standbys for many saltwater fly rodders are the premium quality Maxima Leader materials. The "Clear" is the perfect choice as an all-around leader material, very strong with excellent knot strength and abrasion resistance, and a medium flexibility/suppleness - all the things many top anglers look for in saltwater fly leader material. The "Ultragreen" has a bit more stiffness, and is preferred by many anglers needing a truly tough material for tough fighting fish or rough fishing conditions, as well as for good camoflage when fishing in stained or off-color water. Note: All Maxima Ultragreen Leader materials on sale now - prices slashed by 50% and even more - click add to cart to view special pricing!

Maxima Clear Tippet & Leader Material
Maxima Clear
10# (27 yds) $4.95
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12# (27 yds) $4.95 Add to Cart
15# (27 yds) $4.95 Add to Cart
20# (27 yds) $4.95 Add to Cart
25# (27 yds) $6.50 Add to Cart
30# (17 yds) $6.50 Add to Cart
40# (17 yds) $6.50 Add to Cart
Maxima Ultragreen Tippet & Leader Material
Maxima Ultragreen
25# (27 yds) $5.95 Add to Cart
30# (17 yds) $6.50 Add to Cart

Umpqua "Big Game" Fluorocarbon Leaders The are very nice full tapered fluorocarbon leaders by Umpqua Feather Merchants. Butt end loop. Perfect for any saltwater situation requiring a strong, abrasion-resistant, low-vis leader. From bonefish to bonito! These are all 9 foot leaders - breaking strengths are shown below. $10.95/ea.

Umpqua Fluorocarbon Leaders
Umpqua Big Game Fluorcarbon Leaders:
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12# Add to Cart
16# Add to Cart

Hi-Seas Fluorocarbon Leader Spools. These offer an affordable option for high-quality fluorocarbon. Spools are approximately 4 inches in diameter for easy rigging. Note that the photo shows a spool of 20# test; we have only the 50# test remaining.

Hi-Seas Fluorocarbon Tippet & Leader Material

Hi-Seas Fluorocarbon Leader Spools (25 Yards - Clear)

50# $20.95 Temporarily out of stock

Hi-Seas "Grand Slam" Premium Leader Material (50 Yards - Clear).

Hi-Seas Grand Slam Tippet & Leader Material

The Hi-Seas Grand Slam Premium Leader Material is an excellent value and perfect for situations where fluorocarbon is not necessary. Clear color, strong, with excellent knot strength and durability. 50 Yard "leader bracelets" are approximately 5" in diameter - large enough to make rigging comfortable, but still easily stowed in a pack for fishing on boat or shore. Also available in the 80# and 100# test are 100 yard lengths packaged in large coils - ideal for rigging tarpon, bluewater, and other big-game leaders and shock tippets in advance.

50 Yard Leader Bracelets
10# $4.95 Add to Cart
12# $4.95 Add to Cart
15# $4.95 Add to Cart
20# $5.95 Add to Cart
25# $5.95 Add to Cart
30# $5.95 Add to Cart
40# $5.95 Add to Cart
50# $6.95 Add to Cart
60# $6.95 Add to Cart
80# $6.95 Add to Cart
100# $7.95 Add to Cart

100 Yard Coils
80# $7.95 Add to Cart
100# $8.95 Add to Cart

Rio Bonefish and Saltwater Shock Leaders

Rio's Bonefish leaders are just what we look for in a bonefish leader... ten foot length, in 10# or 12# test. If you need a longer leader, you can just add some tippet material... if you need a stronger, shorter leader, just trim it back a bit. Also available are Rio's "Light Saltwater Shock" leaders - this is a ten foot tapered leader that has a two foot long 40# flouorocarbon shock tippet - a great choice for for baby tarpon and snook, larger striped bass, or any fish with abrasive teeth that tend to chafe the leader (not adequate for fish with cutting teeth like bluefish or big mackerels - those fish require very heavy mono or wire shock tippets).

Rio Bonefish Leader

Rio Bonefish Leaders $4.95/ea

10ft / 10#
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10ft / 12# Add to Cart

Rio Light Saltwater Shock Leader

Rio Light Saltwater Shock Leaders $6.99/ea

10ft / 16# (40# shock) Temporarily out of stock

Climax Knotless Tapered Saltwater Leaders

Knotless tapered saltwater leaders save you the hassle of tying complicated bimini twists, and other involved knots which you probably don't need anyway. These saltwater leaders by Climax are just the thing.

Climax Leader

Climax Bonefish / Permit Saltwater Leaders

9ft / 12# Temporarily out of stock

12ft / 12# Add to Cart

Climax Fluorocarbon Shock / Bite Tippet

For those anglers who don't need a huge, expensive spool of fluorocarbon leader material for making shock tippets, we offer the Climax Fluorocarbon Bite Tippet material, in 10 yard coils at an affordable price. This is "hard type" fluorocarbon, an excellent choice for tarpon, snook, and other fish species with extremely abrasive mouths that can quickly chafe through softer materials. Diameter is also shown below as fractions of an inch for each breaking strength.

Climax Fluorocarbon Bite Tippet click to enlarge

Climax Fluorocarbon Bite Tippet (10 yd coils):

50# (.029") $8.95 Add to Cart

TyGer Leader Braided Wire

TyGer Leader Braided Wire Tippet material

TyGer Leader is a fine, flexible nylon coated micro braided stainless steel wire that can be knotted or tied like monofilament - you can tie just about any knot that you use for mono in this material. This has become one of our favorite materials for making wire leaders, especially when longer leaders are required. Note - we consider the "Non-Slip Mono Loop (Lefty's Loop)" as one of the ideal knots to use when attaching the fly to this (and other brands of micro-braided wire) - a 2 turn clinch knot is also excellent if you do not wish to use a loop knot. We are now carrying a wide range of sizes, including light and heavy tests for various applications. See below for wire diameter. All sizes 10 feet of wire per pack.

TyGer Leader 10# Test (.010) $10.95 Add to Cart
TyGer Leader 15# Test (.014) $10.95 Temporarily out of stock
TyGer Leader 30# Test (.019) $10.95 Add to Cart
TyGer Leader 50# Test (.024) $10.95 Add to Cart
TyGer Leader 70# Test (.030) $13.95 Add to Cart
TyGer Leader 90# Test (.034) $16.95 Temporarily out of stock

Dr. Slick Stainless Steel Nipper

Dr. Slick's simple Stainless Steel Nipper is a perfect tool for the saltwater fly angler - we always have one of these in our pocket for rigging on the fly. Nice offset design, and it even has a tiny file on one side that can be used to sharpen a hook in an emergency when the hook hone can't be found. Stainless steel to resist the corrosion of saltwater. Click the product heading to view photo. It doesn't hurt to get a couple of these!

Stainless Steel Nipper $9.95 Add to Cart

Tiemco Ceramic Hook Hones

We have been using the Tiemco Ceramic Hook Hones successfully for years now. This hook hone is a very useful tool, with one flat side and one serrated side. Easy to slip into a shirt or pants pocket, or hang on a lanyard with a clipper for wearing on the boat or shore. Ceramic lasts practically forever, and is non-rusting. Don't spend hours planning that special trip, and then risk losing fish by neglecting to sharpen your hooks! Get two - one for your tying or rigging bench at home, and one for your surf or boat bag. The standard Tiemco Hook Hone is 2 1/2 inches (6.5 cm) long. Photo:
Tiemco Ceramic Hook Hone

Tiemco Ceramic Hook Hone $19.95 Add to Cart

Dr. Slick Diamond Hook File

If you want to put a point on your hooks very quickly, the Dr. Slick Diamond Hook File is the way to go. Compact enough for wading anglers to carry in a pack while flats fishing. Click the photo to view enlargement.

Dr. Slick 4" Diamond Hook File $9.95 Add to Cart

Tie-Fast Knot Tyer

Click for enlarged view

The Tie-Fast Knot Tyer is a simple, effective tool for tying nail knots and performing many of the other general rigging jobs required for saltwater fishing. With no moving parts, and clear, simple instructions, the Tie-Fast Knot Tyer is one tool that no angler should be without. The "Saltwater" Tie-Fast (sometimes referred to as the "Magnum" Tie-Fast) is a larger version of this tool for heavy-duty rigging with lines testing 80-100# or more.

Tie-fast Knot Tyer $8.95 Add to Cart
Saltwater Tie-fast $11.95 Temporarily out of stock

Loon Line Speed "Line Up" line care kit

Loon Line Speed Line Up Line Cleaning Kit

Caring for your fly lines properly is one of the keys to making your casting smooth and effortless. Every angler can benefit by keeping his or her fly lines in good shape, and Loon's line care products are one of the very best ways to keep your lines clean and lubricated for long, tangle free casts. Line Speed is our favorite line cleaning/lubricating product - it cleans your line and contains special additives which protect your line from harmful UV rays. The "Line Up" kit is one of the very best ways to care for all of your fly lines...it includes a bottle of the Line Speed, and a cleaning tool which features two soft cleaning pads sandwiched between hinged wooden blocks. Simply squeeze a little of the Line Speed onto the cleaning pads, draw your line through the tool, and you're in business!

Line Up Kit $15.95 Temporarily out of stock

Cortland Pro Fly Line Cleaner

Cortland Pro Fly Line Cleaner

The Cortland Pro Fly Line Cleaner offers all fly anglers a quick and easy way to clean any flyline. This simple, compact cleaning kit is just two felt pads in a small container, already treated with a line cleaning dressing. Just draw your line between the pads to clean, then go back to fishing! We keep a couple of these handy whenever we travel to home waters or abroad - very compact so they can be easily stowed in a fishing vest or pack, and easy to take with you on important fishing trips. We are always amazed at how much grime this simple line cleaner takes off of our lines - such an excellent value at only $2.95/ea.

Cortland Pro Fly Line Cleaner Temporarily out of stock



The Stripee line guard protects your fingers while retrieving line, and cleans and preserves your flyline in the process. Anglers fishing backcountry areas where there is suspended sediment in the water frequently end up with abrasions & sore fingers, and the Stripee will prevent this. Also, line burns from stripping a dry flyline across the fingers (or from a fish taking line) of your rod hand are eliminated. Great for bonefishing, tarpon fishing, backcountry and largemouth bass fishing, etc. We have used these extensively over the past three seasons, and now we won't leave the dock without them. Size large fits most folks, X-large for those with big paws. Machine washable stretch neoprene with finger pads. Click on the photo shown above for an alternate view, and here's a closeup photo of the Stripee. $8.95.

Size Large Add to Cart
Size X-Large Add to Cart

Saltwater Fly Boxes

Our Saltwater Fly Boxes are durable plastic boxes made to carry all of your treasured flies.

The slim-profile "Bonefish Box" by Anglers Image shown in the first photo below is one of the best boxes we have ever seen for carrying standard bonefish patterns - modern "slit foam" design holds flies securely and is easy to insert the flies in. This box will hold approximately 24 standard sized bonefish flies, but still fits easily in a shirt pocket - something that many boxes are advertised to do, but few achieve. The lid of this box is clear, which allows the angler to view the contents of the box before opening it - a real advantage as it minimizes fumbling while wading the flats or preparing to tie on a new fly from the deck of a bouncing boat. Dimensions are 5 3/4" x 3 5/8" x 7/8" (14.5 cm x 9 cm x 2.2 cm). Click photo shown below to view the box empty.

New for 2014 is the "Big Bonefish Box" (second photo)- this box dimensions are 7 3/8" x 3 7/8" x 1 1/8" - this larger box will hold up to 3 dozen standard bonefish flies when neatly arranged, and also has a bit more headroom for larger flies like crabs & sliders, etc. Both of these boxes are priced the same, and both are in stock now!

"Bonefish Box" $12.95 (pictured above) Add to Cart

"Big Bonefish Box" $12.95 (pictured below) Add to Cart

Meiho "Slit Foam Case" Fly Boxes

Some really great new slim-profile boxes are these "Slit Foam Case" fly boxes by Meiho. Here at Saltwaterflies.com we are now using these style boxes almost exclusively to store our own streamer flies, tarpon flies, and larger flats flies. The recent "slit foam" designs are showing themselves to be a real improvement over more traditional foam-lined boxes where the flies are just stuck into the foam - these newer styles hold the flies more securely, and the foam doesn't wear out over time, because the angler is not constantly piercing it with the hook points. The slit-foam design also makes it much easier to arrange the flies as needed. These four very nice boxes come in a variety of sizes to cover lots of differing fly styles. The foam lining these boxes is about 3/8" or 1 cm thick, which will hold even larger flies securely. Non-rusting plastic hinges, with secure latches that are easy to operate. The approximate dimensions as given by the box maker are shown below. Please note that the two larger sizes are slightly thinner in dimension than the two Small size boxes. Our picks for these boxes: We are using the Large Shallow box to as a boat box, and as a fly locker to hold our stored flies at home. The Medium Shallow is also a great boat box, but will still fit into plenty of medium size fishing packs to carry along a day's worth of flies. The two smaller size boxes are great for bonefish flies, clousers, small and medium sized streamers, etc, and will fit easily into most packs as well as some fishing vest pockets like the long pockets often found at the waist on many traditional fishing vests. Pictured above is the "Medium Shallow" box easily holding a set of about three-and-a-half dozen clouser style flies. See the links below for more photos.

All four Meiho Fly Case boxes stacked largest to smallest
"Large Shallow" box holding a set of nearly 4 dozen epoxy fly styles
"Large Shallow" box empty
"Medium Shallow" box with a set of Clouser fly styles
Medium Shallow" box empty"
"Medium Shallow" box closed (with flies)
"Small" box with a set of 6" long flashy streamers
"Small" box empty
"Large Shallow" and "Medium Shallow" boxes together
"Small" and "X-Small" boxes together

"Large Shallow" Fly Case: $20.95 Add to Cart
10" x 7 1/2" x 1 1/8" (25.5 cm x 19 cm x 2.8 cm) 18 Lengthwise slits

"Medium Shallow" Fly Case: $18.95 Add to Cart
8" x 5 3/4" x 1" (20.5 cm x 14.5 cm x 2.5 cm). 15 Lengthwise slits

"Small" Fly Case: $11.95 Temporarily out of stock
7 1/4" x 4" x 1 1/4" (18.5 cm x 10 cm x 3.4 cm). 9 Lengthwise slits

"X-Small" Fly Case: $9.95 Add to Cart
6 1/4" x 3 1/2" x 1 3/16" (16 cm x .9 cm x 3.1 cm). 8 Lengthwise slits

Tuff Tainer Four Compartment Box

This small "Tuff Tainer" 4 compartment box is quite useful for oddly shaped flies like crab flies, and ones with weedguards that can be difficult to stick into foam lined boxes. Dimensions are 4 1/2" x 3" x 1 1/8" (11.5 cm x 7 cm x 3 cm). Dimensions of the individual compartments are approximately 2 1/8" x 1 1/4". Great for all sorts of flies - this box is appropriate for most bonefish sized crabs & flies - large crabs for redfish & permit may not fit in this box. Inexpensive, durable all-plastic design. Click photo shown below to view the box empty.

Saltwater Fly Box - "Tuff Tainer 4 Compartment" $3.95 Add to Cart

Mylar Fly Sleeves

We sell small loose mylar fly sleeves to pack your loose streamer flies in - five sizes available (1.5"x4", 2"x4", 2"x5", and 2"x8"; 100 sleeves per pack - see below).

Mylar Fly Sleeves:
1.5X4 (100/pack) $4.95
Add to Cart
2X4 (100/pack) $4.95 Add to Cart
2X5 (100/pack) $6.95 Add to Cart
2X8 (100/pack) $7.95 Temporarily out of stock

Nylon Tape Measure

Tape Measure

Check the size of your catch with this non-rusting nylon tape measure. This simple, retractable tape measures up to 60 inches. The reverse side of the tape is metric (centimeters), and measures up to 150 centimeters.

Nylon Tape Measure $3.95 Add to Cart

Saltwaterflies.com T-shirts


Wear our "Team Saltwaterflies.com - Got Backing?" T-shirt with pride as you ply your favorite waters for wily gamefish. Many anglers have already reported excellent success while sporting our super-stylish shirts. The front side of our t-shirt features our "Team Saltwaterflies.com" logo (shown above); the back has an original flexed flyrod and fly design by artist Yoshi Sato over our slogan: "Got Backing?". The Saltwaterflies.com t-shirt is a white, 100% cotton Hanes Beefy T for comfort and durability, and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Be a member of the Team with a Saltwaterflies.com t-shirt. Order Now!

Short Sleeve: $12.95
Small Add to Cart
Medium Temporarily out of stock
Large Add to Cart
X-Large Temporarily out of stock
XX-Large Add to Cart
XXX-Large Add to Cart

Long Sleeve: $18.95
Large Add to Cart
X-Large Temporarily out of stock

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Special Offer - Free T-shirt!: We'd like to thank you for shopping Saltwaterflies.com by offering you a Free T-shirt. Here's how to get yours: simply order $100.00 or more of fly tying materials, flies, or anything else on our website and then choose your T-shirt size by clicking the appropriate link shown below. Please note: simply ordering $100 will not trigger the addition of a free t-shirt to your order - you have to come back here and click one of the links below (otherwise how would we know which size you want?)! Not ordering $100.00 or more? That's fine - every customer who wants one can get a free bumper sticker with any order by clicking on the link below (or just e-mail us and ask for one.).

Free T-Shirts!:

Small Add to Cart
Medium Temporarily out of stock
Large Add to Cart
X-Large Temporarily out of stock
XX-Large Add to Cart
XXX-Large Add to Cart
Free Bumper Sticker!: Add to Cart

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