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Saltwater Flies! SALTWATERFLIES.COM -- The finest saltwater flies and tying materials for your saltwater fly fishing.
Mullet Time!

The Finest Saltwater Flies and Fly Tying Materials for Saltwater Fly Fishing.

In the middle of a boiling striped bass and bluefish blitz off the coast of New England...Casting to bonito ripping up bait in an inlet...Searching for seatrout and reds amidst the windswept beaches of the Outer Banks... Hunting huge snook and tarpon in the tangled mangroves...Stalking wary bonefish over the pristine flats...Searching the bluewater eddies of the Gulf Stream for tuna, marlin, and sails. In these magical places, and many others, the saltwater fly rodder plys his trade. In his hand, the coiled line, stripping, stripping, ready for the strike. At the end of the line, a fly; a feathered hook to tempt the most awesome denizens of the brine.

Saltwater fly fishermen experience the most profound enjoyment of their sport, and Saltwaterflies.com is dedicated to helping you with the best saltwater flies for your next trip, and high quality tying materials to help you enjoy your time at the vise, creating beautiful saltwater flies.

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Foxy Bonefish Minnow

Foxy Bonefish Minnow side view

Foxy Bonefish Minnow - side view

The Foxy Bonefish Minnow or Foxy "Clouser" is our variation on this simple classic. Natural fox hair used in the tying of this fly features attractive natural color highlights, and makes for a pattern that "breathes" very well in the water. This is a great fly for deeper flats & mudding bones, as well as for sight-casting to fish from the boat. $4.29 each. Click the photo for more info, or order here. Foxy Bonefish Minnow #4 Tan Add to Cart

The Umpqua "Rock Creek Chest Pack" is lightweight, comfortable pack perfect for an afternoon of bonefishing or a day on the stream. With well-designed front pockets and storage, this pack will hold enough for a few hours of fishing, without weighing you down. Dimensions of the pack are roughly 9 inches high, by 5 inches wide, by 3.5 inches "deep" - this pack will hold a couple of medium sized flats style fly boxes, along with tippet, leaders, nippers, hemostats, and other small accessories (we managed to fit a single large fly box with maximum dimensions of 7.5 x 4.5 x 2.25 inches into the main compartment). We are stocking the Slate Gray color shown; there is also a "Moss Green" that can easily be ordered if you prefer that. Here are alternate photos showing the open pack with fly boxes inside, and another side view that more clearly shows the shoulder straps. More info is at umpqua.com. $59.95 Add to Cart

The Umpqua "Tongass Dry Bag 2 Liter" is a small dry bag, ideal for protecting your small items from rain & salt spray. Great for compact cameras, cellphones, wallet & passport, even your smokes. Width of 6 inches, height of 11 inches, and depth of 3 inches. We are stocking this very useful small sized bag, but larger ones are available as well - just ask. More info is at umpqua.com. $24.99 Add to Cart

The slim-profile "Bonefish Box" by Anglers Image shown in the first photo below is one of the best boxes we have ever seen for carrying standard bonefish patterns - modern "slit foam" design holds flies securely and is easy to insert the flies in. This box will hold approximately 24 standard sized bonefish flies, but still fits easily in a shirt pocket - something that many boxes are advertised to do, but few achieve. The lid of this box is clear, which allows the angler to view the contents of the box before opening it - a real advantage as it minimizes fumbling while wading the flats or preparing to tie on a new fly from the deck of a bouncing boat. Dimensions are 5 3/4" x 3 5/8" x 7/8" (14.5 cm x 9 cm x 2.2 cm). Click photo shown below to view the box empty.

New for 2014 is the "Big Bonefish Box" (second photo) - this box dimensions are 7 3/8" x 3 7/8" x 1 1/8" - this larger box will hold up to 3 dozen standard bonefish flies when neatly arranged, and also has a bit more headroom for larger flies like crabs & sliders, etc. Both of these boxes are priced the same, and both are in stock now.

We can assemble fly selections similar to those shown these boxes. If you wish to order a selection of flies for your fishing, please call or e-mail us with details about where you plan to fish, and we can tailor a selection to suit your needs.

"Bonefish Box" $12.95 (pictured above - flies not included) Add to Cart

"Big Bonefish Box" $12.95 (pictured below - flies not included) Add to Cart

free, Free, FREE! Here's a little freebie offer! We occasionally post free goodies that we give away completely free of charge in this space - not too long ago we gave away some free flies. Now we have some free Elk Hair scraps - these are some scraps from when we cut up whole Elk hides for tying materials - the scraps are pretty good for fly tying - they just aren't so easy to package, and some of the hair might not be the highest grade. Good for making small bonefish sliders, bonefish bitters, and more. We've got about a dozen small packs of these scraps we will ship to anyone who wants them completely free of charge. Some of the hair may be long, and some of it may be short - the short stuff can be used to make freshwater flies like the Elk Hair Caddis, small hoppers & terrestrials, etc. If you want to add a pack to your order (one per customer please!), click the link: Add to Cart

Photo: Chris Windram

These days I'm often using one of the ZAP "super glues" to increase the durability of my saltwater flies - a quick hit on the thread wraps here and there makes the flies really tough! The green label stuff that we sell is basically all-purpose, and can even be used as a "head cement" to finish the fly. Anyway, the "trick" offered here is that ZAP offers what they call their "Extender Tips" or "Flexi Tips" - a very fine plastic nozzle tip that can be put on the super glue bottles, and left like this on the bench during tying - there's no need to keep putting the cap back on, as the nozzles can be left on for days without clogging. The "Zap A Gap" that we sell now comes packaged with these tips. I do keep a small rag handy to quickly clean up any spills and to keep the extender tips clean.

We've got a new feature going here at Saltwaterflies.com with more of these little suggestions; "Windy's Tips n Tricks" - click the link to check it out. - Chris Windram

Dick Brown's classic "Bonefish Fly Patterns" is now back in print in a new edition, and we have copies on hand and ready to go! See our Books & DVDs pages to order.

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