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Boylermaker Albie Fly

Boylermaker Albie Fly - Chartreuse, Olive

Designed by noted Martha's Vineyard charter boat captain Jaime Boyle, and perfected aboard his boat, the "Boylermaker", this fly has been a consistent producer for bonito, false albacore, and striped bass. This fly is an excellent choice for areas where small baitfish like silversides or bay anchovy are the dominant prey species, and the non-fouling design insures perfect presentations every time when making quick casts to fast-running fish.

COLORS:                    		SIZE: 4              PRICE $6.50 each

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The Boylermaker Albie fly is tied on the Tiemco 800S hook; size #4. This fly is approximately 2 3/4 inches (7 cm) long. Tied by Dave Skok. For info on booking a fly fishing charter with Capt. Jaime Boyle on Martha's Vineyard, please e-mail Jaime at: boyler@adelphia.net.

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