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Saltwater Fly Spotlight

Here's a new feature from Saltwaterflies.com - our "Spotlight" on Saltwater Flies. This is just a page for us to share photos of patterns that we've tied ourselves, or come across along the way in our pursuits of the world's gamefish. We won't be getting too specific with step-by-step directions on these pages, but we will try to add a few "tying tips" if possible. Visit the "Site Map" link at the top of the page to view more features.

Sand Goby


Gobies are small fish that live in a variety of habitats. On sandy bottoms they may dig holes, in rocky areas they hide under stones and in crevices. They are a prey species for any larger fish that share their habitat, and they are usually pretty good at getting out of the way when predators come by. If not, they get snapped up! This Goby fly is a nice pattern to meet a variety of situations - I've used this style of fly for bonefish and striped bass in saltwater, and also in freshwater for trout, carp, and smallmouth bass.


Another view. Specific materials used on this fly are "Krystal Flash Chenille" in the Pearl color for the body, with Hot Orange for the "tag". Gold I-Balz in the smallest (5/32") size. Natural Tan rabbit strip for the top "wing", and natural gray or tan deer body hair for the head. Thread: Flat Waxed Nylon in Tan. Size #4 standard shank length saltwater fly hook. One could easily vary the body and/or the wing color on this fly to imitate many specific species of small baitfish.


Top View. A pretty easy fly to tie; the eyes are tied in first, then the chenille body is made. A short "zonker" strip is added on top - piercing the strip with the hook and tying it in just on top of the eye, then the deer body hair "head" is spun and trimmed as a final step.


Bottom view.


Final closeup. Fly and photos by Chris Windram

Bahamas Bonefish

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