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Our Viewers' Photographs

Fly Tier John Morin submitted the following photos of his beautiful and innovative crab and flounder patterns. John is the moderator of the striper fly archive of www.flyfishingforum.com. John told us that he's been fishing this crab off Chatham, Massachusetts for the past two years. John's crab and flounder flies present a new concept tying crab flies by using partidge neck feathers to get the proper coloration for Brown crabs - he says that no two flies tied with this technique are alike!

John Morin's Crab Apple

John Morin's Flounder Fly
Another of John Morin's Crab Apple Flies

Another Flounder!

Our most sincere thanks to John Morin for sharing these incredible flies with us! Here's more of what John had to say about his flies: "The flounder fly is called the Flounder Around... it is tied in a manner similar to the Crab Apple. The Flounder Around has a tan Mallard flank feather as the coloring on the back. The bottom is painted white and covered with Hard-as-nails in the event a striper gets an upward look at this fly (which is only intended to be stripped slowly along the sand). Don't laugh, but I am also working on crab carapaces that are encased with fallen autumn tree leaves...the colors are perfect...with beautiful hues of brown tan, red, green and yellow."

John, we're not laughing - these flies are absolutely beautiful!

All of the photos on this page were submitted by our viewers. A special thanks go out to everyone who contributed a photo.

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