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Photographs And Instructions By Chris Windram

Welcome to the sixth edition of the SaltwaterFlies.Com Fly Tying Theatre! In these pages we hope to bring you tying instructions for some of our favorite saltwater flies. Here are my instructions for making the Sparkling Sand Eel..


Hook: Mustad 34011; #2.
Thread: Danville Flymaster; Fluorescent Yellow.
Wing: White bucktail and fl. chartreuse bucktail.
Flash: Polarflash; Green Pearl (or Krystal Flash).
Body: E-Z Shape Sparkle Body; Pearl and Fluorescent Chartreuse
Eyes: E-Z Shape Sparkle Body; Pure Fluorescent Yellow and Pure Black.
Gill Markings: E-Z Shape Sparkle Body; Pure Red Gill.
Color Variations: Olive/White.

Firmly fasten the hook in the vise. Tie in sparse clump of white bucktail. The length of the bucktail that extends beyond the hook bend should be as long as the entire hook. The butt ends of the bucktail should be lashed down all the way to the hook eye. This will provide an underbody for the coating of E-Z Shape Sparkle Body.

Tie in a few strands of green Polarflash (or Krystal Flash), then tie in a clump of Fl. Chartreuse bucktail on top of the white bucktail. Once again, lash the butt ends of this bucktail down all the way to the hook eye.

Pick up the Pearl color of E-Z Shape Sparkle Body. Give the bottle a few shakes. Test the bottle on a piece of scrap paper to make sure that the product is flowing freely. Have a paper towel handy in case of spills.

Apply the E-Z Shape Sparkle Body along the hook shank. This will form the thin body of the completed sand eel, so take care not to coat the fly too heavily. A rotary vise can help you to create an even coat of 'Sparkle Body.

Using the Fluorescent Chartreuse color of E-Z Shape Sparkle Body, apply a stripe on top of the fly. This will match the chartreuse bucktail in the wing and help to imitate the dorsal coloration of the fly. This two-tone color scheme is very attractive to saltwater gamefish.

[Finishing Steps]

Remember to print out this page to take with you to your vise.

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