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Lash the thread all the way to the hook eye, then whip finish and cut the thread. Note how the thread base tapers more thickly towards the lead eyes. This will help to create the correct shape for the finished body. Pick up the Shrimp Pink color E-Z Shape Sparkle Body. Give the bottle a couple of shakes, then squeeze a little out onto a paper towel to ensure that the 'Sparkle Body is flowing freely.

Squeeze the bottle gently to apply the E-Z Shape Sparkle Body. Using the tip of the bottle to push the 'Sparkle Body into place, fill in the area around the eyes, then coat the rest of the hook shank.

This is how the fly should appear after the body has been coated with the E-Z Shape Sparkle Body. Carefully stick the hook into a block of foam, then let the fly dry. Wait overnight before fishing the fly.

The completed Sparkling Shrimp. Notice how the highlights in the E-Z Shape Sparkle Body become apparent after the fly has dried. The 'Sparkle Body also fills in the space between the lead eyes, creating a flat surface. This flat surface catches the water, causing the fly to swim and wobble, and helps the fly to come to rest naturally on the bottom when the fly is allowed to sink. This presents the aspect of a defensive crustacean on the sand, with claws upraised. This kind of appearance triggers gamefish to strike!

Squeeze the bottle slowly to apply the E-Z Shape Sparkle Body. Give the bottle a few shakes now and then during application. Since the Sparkle Body will shrink a little as it cures, coat your fly a little thicker than you think you need to. A bodkin will help to distribute the material once it is on the hook. Keep the bottle capped when not in use! This product will not harden in the bottle, but if you leave it uncapped too long, the tip may clog. If it does, simply grasp the tip with your fingers, or a pair of pliers, and pull it from the bottle. Push out any clog that has formed from the inside, using a bodkin. Replace the tip, and you're back in business. Clean up E-Z Shape Sparkle Body with water while it is still wet. Once it's dry, it's permanent. Be careful! This is a non-toxic product, but once it has cured, E-Z Shape Sparkle Body may be stuck for good to your vise, bench, or your spouse's new dining room table!

Tight Lines, and good fishing.

Chris Windram

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